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We are a tax exempt, non-profit organization that does not receive any federal, state, or county funding. Our clients are asked to make a donation; however, there are no set fees charged. No one is ever turned away because they cannot pay.

  • Christian counseling accepts the Bible as its authority base

  • Christian counseling depends upon the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit and not only upon one's own willpower to be responsible and to conquer problems.

  • Christian counseling accepts as true that an individual has a basic sinful nature (Romans 3:23). But, all can come to know Christ and have a more powerful Godly component.

  • Christian counseling offers a way to deal with the past as well as the present and provides hope for the future.

  • Christian counseling is based on God's love and grace.

  • Christian counseling is universal and can be applied to all people regardless of genetic, social, educational, or cultural backgrounds ( Matthew 6:37).

  • Christian counseling attempts to deal with the whole person: physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Some of the issues we deal with are marriage problems, low self-esteem, grief, communication problems, broken trusts, infidelity, parent-child relationships, family issues, and addictions, among others.  We are also seeing problems that result from improper use of technology; for example, people addicted to porn, to gaming, and to texting. These can affect family dynamics and marriages.


Clients call CCSI to make an appointment.  Many of them are referred to CCSI by pastors, former clients, and friends. Some have found us on the internet, in the telephone directory, or in advertisements. Each client is given an initial intake interview to collect personal data and to determine the client's goals in seeking counseling. The client is then assigned to a qualified counselor who works directly with that client.


We offer lay counseling classes at CCSI for persons who wish to volunteer as counselors, or who simply want to be able to help friends and family more effectively.  We also offer courses, workshops, or seminars for churches and other organizations.


All of our counselors are volunteers who have spent many hours obtaining training for the task. Many of them also bring rich life experiences that help them relate to the client's difficulties. The progress of each client is reviewed regularly by our supervisor of counselors to ensure the appropriateness of counseling or to determine if there is a need for referral.


CCSI needs your support. We maintain an office suite in Indiana that contains counseling rooms and offices. Monthly rent, utilities, and supplies must be paid. CCSI's income is solely from donations from clients, churches, and from individuals. We receive no help from the local government. God has been faithful in supplying our needs. He does this through people like you.


If you have a heart for helping others, please consider sending a donation, or pledging monthly support to CCSI so we can continue to reach out and minister to people in our community. We welcome one-time gifts and appreciate pledges of monthly support so that we can plan and budget wisely.

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